Anchor Manjusha Photoshoot


Manjusha has become a popular face on the small screen. It is the anchor of the popular Telugu television program ‘Ugadi Promo’ broadcast on a private television channel. She is a well-known figure for the Telugu people as she used to entertain viewers with her guests from the film’s fraternity on her show.

She is also known as the younger sister of Junior NTR while she has sung the role of sister Gayathri in the movie ‘Rakhi’ (2006) which is all for Junior NTR in the film. After this film, she did not have the big break she deserved to prove her courage.

Manjusha also welcomed viewers on the program ’24 Frames’, aired on the Gemini channel. Thus, she seems to juggle with her many careers, while justifying each of them with strength and inspiration. She is not only an actress, but she has also become a television antenna.

In this show, she showed her skills of action and anchoring thanks to her presence of immaculate screen. She also interviewed film personalities on the show. It is one of the most beautiful and gifted feminine anchors that provides the public with quick and fast news through ’25 images’. She comes from Andhra Pradesh and has a huge base of supporters to Andhra because of her beautiful appearance. She also gathered many admirers because of her beautiful way of presenting the show. She hypnotizes all viewers with her soft but strong voice.

She is probably the most beautiful anchor, with looks that can beat the famous actresses of Tollywood. It was because of her beauty that she offered him a role in the film “Rakhi”. She is currently looking for new films that would describe her beauty as well as her talent. It is also a program of many audio launches of new films taking place in the circuit of Andhra.

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