Bengal Beauty Saree Fashion | VIDEO


Sari, likewise spelled saree, foremost external article of clothing of ladies of the Indian subcontinent, comprising of a bit of regularly brilliantly shaded, much of the time weaved, silk, cotton, or, as of late, engineered fabric five to seven yards in length. It is worn folded over the body with the end left hanging or utilized over the head as a hood.

Designed reliefs from the second century BC indicate people with unclothed abdominal areas wearing the sari folded over their hips and drawn between the legs in such a mold as to frame a progression of folds down the front. There was no significant change in the ensemble until the twelfth century, when the Muslims vanquished north and focal India and demanded that the body be secured. Hindu ladies wear the sari over a short pullover and a slip into which it is collapsed and tucked at the midriff to frame a long skirt.

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