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Jorge Souza and Laura Keller, or “kamikaze couple” – as it became recognised when collaborating and triumphing the reality show “energy Couple Brazil” in Rede document, have been invited by using the artist W Veríssimo for a thematic essay of body portray. The theme became marriage and the result surprised the couple. The images were made on the Haras Montenegro, in Franca (SP), by way of the photographer Lelo Teófilo, with Thales Ribeiro make, skirt and recommendation from the bride Luh Cruz with the course of Sérgio Baia.

“Veríssimo is notable! after I regarded in the mirror and noticed the profits of the dress painted on my frame I may want to hardly ever accept as true with it changed into no longer certainly a cloth. the entirety become best, actual and in reality sensitive. the arrogance changed into on account of our naked body, “said Laura Keller.

Jorge Sousa also commented, “it is the second time we’ve the bodies painted through Veríssimo and it is constantly the identical feel of doubt, whether we’re certainly painted or dressed. it’s surreal the effect of body painting and the talent of this artist. it’s nearly magic! “said the groom Jorge Sousa.

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Credit : Casal Kamikaze

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