Leopard encounter in India


A shocking video shows a terrifying leopard attack that left four people injured in India Friday. the leopard sparked chaos after wandering into a neighborhood of the central Indian city of Indore.

The big cat first entered a house that is under construction in Indore’s Palhar Nagar area, and then went into the home of a local businessman, according to the report. The leopard sat in the residence for three hours, occasionally emerging to attack forest officials and onlookers.

It is thought that the leopard sneaked onto the construction site during the night and hid inside the partly-built house. The animal was discovered by a construction worker when he arrived at the compound on Friday morning.

The leopard can be seen becoming increasingly agitated in the video, darting up a flight of stairs. The video clearly shows a crowd of people attempting to hit the leopard with sticks.

Forest officials had spread a net in an attempt to capture the big cat, but it jumped outside the trap and injured one of the officials, the Times of India reports. It then ran to the businessman’s home, where it sat on the stairs.

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Youtube Credit : King Kobra

Youtube Credit : WildFilmsIndia

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